Join v.club and get the lowest possible fares!

What is v.club?

v.club is the exclusive Volaris membership that offers you the best available fares to keep traveling.



  • Get the best fares for all of our flights. The blue rates reflect the v.club discount
  • You may enjoy special offers and last-minute travel deals. Every Thursday of each month our members get a exclusive offer
  • Be the first to find out about the promotions that we offer
  • Get an annual Individual Membership for $499 MXN ($49 USD) or a group membership (for you and 6 additional travelers) for $1,499 MXN ($149 USD)



How to become a VClub member:

  1. Join v.club by choosing a blue fare when booking your next trip. The membership fee will be automatically added to your shopping cart
  2. An application form will be displayed. Fill in your information exactly as it appears on your official documents. Take into consideration that this information will be pre-loaded for your future purchases. The email address you enter will be your v.club username
  3. Login with v.club and password whenever you make a reservation
  4. If you already have an Individual Membership, you can upgrade it to Group Membership for just $999 MXN ($99 USD)
 For more information click here to visit our Purchases Guides



  • The owner of the Group Membership must travel with any reservation made with the membership, but the additional 6 travelers may be different in each reservation
  • If you upgrade your Individual Membership to a Group one, it will maintain the validity of the Original Membership (individual). This also applies for temporary memberships.
  • When you purchase or upgrade your v.club Membership, the fee will be added to your shopping cart and the payment will be completed with the reservation
  • When you purchase, renew, or upgrade your v.club Membership, you’ll receive electronic confirmation of your transaction
  • To get the best available price, choose the v.club fare every time you make a reservation
  • It is not permitted to change the name on the ticket of an Individual or Group membership holder
  • The e-mail you enter when joining v.club will be your username and you cannot modify it later



If you have any questions, contact us at: vclub@volaris.com

Click here to see the Terms and Conditions.



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