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<p>Join v.club by choosing the <strong>blue fare</strong> for your flight and enjoy the lowest prices for a year.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><img title="Volaris v.club cheap flights" src="/link/ab8e5a6b32344487a79d0c4764fdd60c.aspx" alt="Volaris v.club cheap flights" width="219" height="299" /></p>

What is v.club?

v.club is the exclusive Volaris membership that offers you the best fares available to travel and save at the same time.


Purchase your membership to join the professional savers’ club and fly at amazing prices. 



What benefits do you get with v.club?


· Get the lowest fares on all our flights. The blue fares will be yours!

· Enjoy exclusive promotions and last-minute travel deals that will make you fly. Every third Thursday of each month, our members get an exclusive offer.

· Be the first to find out about all our promotions!



How to become a v.club member? 




· Get an Individual Membership for a yearly fee of $499 MXN ($49 USD)


· Acquire a Group Membership for you and up to 6 additional people for a yearly fee $1,499 MXN ($149 USD)


· Get yours by the choosing the blue fare when booking your next flight on www.volaris.com, or by purchasing your membership on board.



See our Terms and Conditions.




 · Get a v.club membership for a monthly subscription of $49 MXN with an automatic charge to your credit card.


· You don’t need to book a flight to get a subscription.


· Automatic renovation with a recurring charge to your credit card.


· Get yours here.


See our Terms and Conditions.


 You’ll always fly with the best fares on all your flights,

The blue fares will be yours!



More on yearly v.club


· Join v.club by choosing the blue fare on your next trip. Your v.club membership will be automatically added to your shopping cart to complete the payment along with your reservation. The type of membership will be defined depending on the number of passengers that will fly on the reservation. If only one person will travel, you’ll be charged for an Individual Membership. If up to 7 people are traveling, we’ll charge you the cost of a Group Membership.

· An application form will be displayed. Fill in your information exactly as it appears on your official documents. Take into consideration that this information will be preloaded for future purchases. The email address you enter will be your v.club username.





Any membership has a validity of 365 days starting on:

· The date in which you purchased a membership, for acquisitions made through our website.

· The date in which you activated the promo code, for memberships acquired on board.

The validity won’t be modified for individual memberships that are upgraded to a group membership. It will be valid for 365 days starting on the date of purchase of the Individual Membership.



Please consider:


· The e-mail you enter when joining v.club will be your username and you cannot modify it later on. 

· Your personal data must be entered just as it appears on your official documents.

· The holder of the v.club membership must be of legal age.

· To enjoy the benefits of your membership, login with your username and password and choose the v.club fare when making a reservation.

· The membership holder must be included on the reservation at the moment of its purchase so that every companion can enjoy the promos and exclusive fares offered by the Group Membership.

· When you purchase, renew, or upgrade your v.club membership through our website, the charge will be added to your shopping cart and the payment is completed along with the reservation.

· If your acquired your membership on board, you have up to 10 days after receiving your code to activate your membership. 

· If you choose to add our “Hold your Fare” service, or you pay your reservation through a third party, the membership will be activated until the total amount of the reservation is covered. 



Reimbursements won’t apply on the following cases:


· Memberships acquired on board

· Memberships canceled

· If the flight with which you purchased your membership has already been taken (single or round trip)

How to book with v.club

· If you’re a v.club member, sign in with your email and password to get the lowest fare.

· If you upgrade to a Group Membership, you can get the same great savings for any friends or family flying with you.

· Read and accept the Terms and Conditions and continue.

· Pay the amount that appears in your shopping cart to update your membership.

· Enter your information. If you’ve already activated your Group Membership, enter your traveling companions information also.

· You’ll know your purchase has been completed when a screen with your reservation code appears.

· You’ll receive an email with your purchase confirmation.

· To use the system, you must reset the temporary password that you receive.

· Use a minimum of 8 characters that includes letters, numbers, a capital letter, and a special character. For example: Volaris1!

· Forgot your password? Reset your password here.

· Do you wish to update your information? Update your information here.

Guide to buy your v.club Membership


Guide to purchase with your v.club Membership


Guide to change your Individual v.club Membership to a Group one


Guide to renew your v.club Membership



Join v.club by choosing the blue fare for your flight and enjoy the lowest prices for a year.


Volaris v.club cheap flights

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