Oversized and Excess Baggage

Overweight and oversized baggage



If you check a bag that measures more than 62 total inches (adding up width, length, and height), you'll be charged a fee for Oversize Baggage.


Baggage cannot measure more than 78.7 inches total (adding up width, length, and height). Bags exceeding this limit will not be accepted and cannot be checked as Oversized Baggage.

The oversize fee applies for any checked item (including sports equipment and/or musical instruments).



 You will be charged an excess baggage fee if your bag weighs more than 55 pounds.

The excess baggage fee applies to any checked item exceeding the permitted weight (including sports equipment and/or musical instruments)


Excess Baggage Ranges:


· 57.3 - 66.1 lbs.

· 68.3 -  77.1 lbs.

· 79.3 - 88.1 lbs.

· 90 to 99.2 lbs.




Baggage cannot weigh more than 99 pounds. Bags exceeding this limit will not be accepted as Overweight Baggage.

 You can pay for and check up to 4 additional of maximum  55-pound each. If you already have a reservation and would like to add checked bags, go to Add Extras or contact our Call Center.





  • Arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before your flight so you can pay the necessary fees to check your Oversize Baggage
  • If one of your items is overweight and oversize, you must pay both fees


De acuerdo a lo establecido en la Legislación Mexicana, todo pago que hagas en los mostradores de Volaris en los aeropuertos de México, deberás realizarlo únicamente en Moneda Nacional (pesos).

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